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ClearView Tsunami Lid Kits

The ClearView Tsunami Aquarium Lid (Patent Pending) was designed to provide all the benefits of the ClearView 'Classic' Aquarium Lid and make that lid adaptable...Allowing the lid to grow and change, as the needs or conditions of your tank change, without having to buy an all new lid. 

The modular nature of the Tsunami allows us to offer quicker shipping while still allowing the flexibility of customization that our ‘Classic’ customers have come to appreciate.

ClearView Aquarium Lids have always been about protecting our underwater worlds without detracting from their look or function. They are built with UV Resistant Lexan; a transparent plastic that is 200's more impact resistant than glass.  We then top it off using replaceable UV resistant 1/4" clear mesh which allows our tanks to breath and doesn't allow the buildup of light blocking condensation.